[mythtv] Can't compile master in SL7.1beta

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sun Apr 5 21:59:31 UTC 2015

On Sunday 05 Apr 2015 22:39:58 John Pilkington wrote:
> Paul, Geoff:  Thanks.  Stuarta had previously posted here a similar list
> for f20/21 but I've not yet managed to find all of them, or identify
> equivalents, in SL7  - big surprise..., although what I do have is
> v5.4.1  Gary B has pointed out that the CentOS 7 buildbot is happy with
> current master, so I'll try to find out what it knows that I don't. AIUI
> ansible is supposed to install build requirements but doesn't do the
> actual build.  Does the bot use a specfile or does it use some other magic?

The build failure doesn't appear to be related to a missing dependency, it 
looks like a failure somewhere in rpmbuild instead.

At least there are no build errors in your first email, and it stops compiling 
while working on ffmpeg which doesn't have very many dependencies. Keep an eye 
on free disk space and memory while compiling, it could be that it's running 
short and aborting.

To rule out RPM build chain issues it may be worthwhile compiling directly 
first, that would at least more clearly reveal if there are any missing 
Stuart Morgan

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