[mythtv] MythTV grabber for Schedules Direct JSON service now available

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Fri Sep 19 05:07:26 UTC 2014

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 6:48 PM, Robert Kulagowski <rkulagow at gmail.com>

> On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 5:33 PM, John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Robert,
> >
> > I just tried to use this for the first time.  It generally seemed to
> work,
> > but I am now missing "credits" information for upcoming recordings.  The
> > mythconverg.credits table is completely empty.
> There are plenty of credits; even more in the JSON data than in
> MythTV. The issue is that MythTV has hardcoded the various roles in
> the mythconverg database; if MythTV wants to take advantage of the new
> roles then there's going to have to be some changes made.
> Let me take a second look at what's happening though.

mythconverg.SDcredits gets filled with lots of information.  For example, I
see "role"s of:

'Action Choreographer', 'Action Director', 'Actor', 'Adaptation',
'Additional Music', 'ADR Mixer', 'ADR Recordist', 'ADR Supervisor',
'Anchor', 'Animals Trainer', 'Animation Producer', 'Animation Supervising
Producer', 'Animatronic Effects', 'Art Department', 'Art Department
Coordinator', 'Art Direction', 'Art Director', 'Assistant ADR Editor',
'Assistant Art Director', 'Assistant Camera', 'Assistant Dialogue Editor',
'Assistant Director', 'Assistant Editor', 'Assistant Hair Stylist',
'Assistant Makeup Artist', 'Assistant Makeup Supervisor', 'Assistant
Producer', 'Assistant Set Decorator', 'Assistant Set Dresser', 'Assistant
Sound Editor', 'Assistant Unit Prod. Manager', 'Associate Art Direction',
'Associate Costume Designer', 'Associate Film Editor', 'Associate
Producer', 'Background Sound Editor', 'Body Makeup', 'Boom Operator',
'Camera Operator', 'Carpenter', 'Casting', 'Casting Assistant', 'Casting
Associate', 'Casting Director', 'Chief Hair Stylist', 'Cinematographer',
'Co-Art Director', 'Co-Associate Producer', 'Co-Director', 'Co-Executive
Producer', 'Color Consultant', 'Composer', 'Conductor', 'Construction
Coordinator', 'Construction Manager', 'Consulting Producer', 'Contestant',
'Continuity', 'Co-Producer', 'Correspondent', 'Co-Screenwriter', 'Costume
Designer', 'Costume Supervisor', 'Co-Writer', 'Creator', 'Creature Effects
Designer', 'Dialogue Coach', 'Dialogue Continuity', 'Dialogue Editor',
'Digital Compositor', 'Director', 'Director of Photography', 'Editing',
'Editor', 'Electrician', 'Executive in Charge of Production', 'Executive
Music Producer', 'Executive Producer', 'Fight Choreographer', 'Film
Consultant', 'Film Editor', 'First Assistant Director', 'First Assistant
Wardrobe', 'Foley Artist', 'Foley Mixer', 'Grip', 'Guest', 'Guest Star',
'Guest Voice', 'Hair Designer', 'Hair Stylist', 'Hair Stylist Supervisor',
'Head Scenic Artist', 'Head Set Decorator', 'Historical Advisor', 'Host',
'Interior Decorator', 'Judge', 'Key Grip', 'Key Hair Stylist', 'Key Makeup
Artist', 'Key Set Decorator', 'Lead Carpenter', 'Lead Man', 'Lead Technical
Animator', 'Line Producer', 'Location Manager', 'Location Producer',
'Machine Room Operator', 'Makeup', 'Makeup Artist', 'Makeup Assistant',
'Makeup Department Head', 'Makeup Designer', 'Makeup Effects Assistant',
'Makeup Effects Designer', 'Makeup Effects Producer', 'Makeup Supervisor',
'Managing Technical Director', 'Martial Arts Advisor', 'Martial Arts
Choreographer', 'Master Carpenter', 'Model Effects', 'Music', 'Musical
Director', 'Musical Guest', 'Music Director', 'Music Editor', 'Music
Playback Operator', 'Music Score', 'Music Supervisor', 'Music Theme',
'Narrator', 'Negative Matcher', 'Non-Original Music', 'Orchestrations',
'Orchestrator', 'Original Concept', 'Original Music', 'Original Music and
Songs', 'Original Score', 'Original Song', 'Original Songs', 'Original
Theme', 'Post-Production Supervisor', 'Producer', 'Production', 'Production
Coordinator', 'Production Design', 'Production Designer', 'Production
Illustrator', 'Production Manager', 'Production Music Mixer', 'Production
Sound Mixer', 'Production Supervisor', 'Property Assistant', 'Property
Master', 'Props', 'Prosthetics Designer', 'Publicist', 'Recording
Director', 'Recording Engineer', 'Recording Supervisor', 'Scenic Artist',
'Score Producer', 'Screen Story', 'Screen Story Writer', 'Screenwriter',
'Script Supervisor', 'Second Assistant Camera', 'Second Assistant
Director', 'Second Assistant Wardrobe', 'Second Second Assistant Director',
'Second Unit Director', 'Set Construction', 'Set Decoration', 'Set
Designer', 'Set Director', 'Set Dresser', 'Set Supervisor', 'Songs',
'Sound', 'Sound Assistant', 'Sound Designer', 'Sound Editor', 'Sound
Effects', 'Sound Effects Editor', 'Sound Mixer', 'Sound Mix Technician',
'Sound Recordist', 'Sound Re-Recording Mixer', 'Sound Supervisor', 'Special
Effects', 'Special Effects Assistant', 'Special Effects Coordinator',
'Special Effects Intern', 'Special Effects Supervisor', 'Special Makeup',
'Special Makeup Design', 'Special Makeup Effects', 'Special Makeup Effects
Artist', 'Special Makeup Effects Supervisor', 'Special Vocal Effects',
'Still Photographer', 'Story', 'Storyboard Artist', 'Stunt Coordinator',
'Stunts', 'Supervising ADR Editor', 'Supervising Animator', 'Supervising
Art Direction', 'Supervising Editor', 'Supervising Producer', 'Supervising
Re-Recording Mixer', 'Supervising Set Decorator', 'Supervising Sound
Editor', 'Tattoo Designer', 'Technical Advisor', 'Third Assistant
Director', 'Title Designer', 'Trainee Assistant Director', 'Unit Manager',
'Unit Production', 'Unit Production Manager', 'Visual Effects', 'Visual
Effects Designer', 'Visual Effects Producer', 'Visual Effects Supervisor',
'Voice', 'Wardrobe Director', 'Wardrobe Supervisor', 'Writer', 'Writer
(Adaptation)', 'Writer (Additional Dialogue)', 'Writer (Book)', 'Writer
(Characters)', 'Writer (Comic Book)', 'Writer (Dialogue)', 'Writer
(Diaries)', 'Writer (Earlier Screenplay)', 'Writer (Novel)', 'Writer
(Play)', 'Writer (Poem)', 'Writer (Screenplay)', 'Writer (Screen Story)',
'Writer (Short Story)', 'Writer (Story)', 'Writer (Story and Screenplay)',
'Writer (Television Series)'

Myth currently only allows:

I can't imagine it being too hard to make Myth handle the 'role' in a more
generic manor -- at the expense of being able to pick-n-choose what shows
up on the first 'I'nformation page.  The short-term fix, though, would be
to map:

'Actor' -> 'actor'
'%Director%' -> 'director'
'%Producer%' -> 'producer'
'Writer%' -> 'writer'
'Guest Star' -> 'guest_star'
'Host' -> 'host'
'Guest%' -> 'guest'

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