[mythtv] upnp on master with panasonic viera series e5

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Sep 11 11:14:45 UTC 2014

On Thursday 11 Sep 2014 10:52:17 John Pilkington wrote:
> DVB-T recordings that have been through mythDVBcut don't play from
> either menu.  In 0.27.3 with #9446 reverted they played from both.  The
> format is mplex -f 9, described as 'dvd without nav packets.' The files
> are being served but not read.

> As Videos, the TV quotes the format of all as MPEG2-TS.  Even for h264.

Currently we're only storing the codec information for new recordings, with 
those made prior to the recent changes we don't know that the codec was H.264 
and it falls back to MPEG2_TS. I plan on adding an external utility, or 
extending mythutil, to scan older recordings and update their metadata, 
including codec info.

There's currently no PS detection support, I'll be making changes to 
mythtranscode to store this information. I'm not sure how to detect changes 
when recordings have been transcoded outside MythTV, i.e. not through 
mythtranscode. We may have to start hashing recordings and then have a 
housekeeper process spot changes and re-evaluate the file.

> For DVB-T2 Recordings, the TV says 'Format Video'.

Should it be saying something different?

> I haven't done any more tests on music.  The menu and durations look ok
> but I don't hear anything.  It seems to be looking for, and not finding,
> album art.  I don't have any, and am unlikely to have set up that
> environment.

If you haven't set up a music storage group then it will be looking for the 
files in the wrong place. The album art checks are harmless, but I'll make sure 
we don't list album art in the upnp response if there is none available.

Thanks for testing! I'll try and make some progress on the stuff I mentioned, 
in the next few days, hopefully we'll fix some of the issues you're seeing. 
Stuart Morgan

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