[mythtv] compilation problems (was: Ticket #12259: Unable to play recordings on my TV set ...)

Janusz S. Bien jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl
Mon Sep 1 05:34:52 UTC 2014

Quote/Cytat - "Janusz S. Bien" <jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl> (Sun 31 Aug 2014  
06:41:22 PM CEST):

> Quote/Cytat - MythTV <noreply at mythtv.org> (Sun 31 Aug 2014 05:33:09 PM CEST):


>> Comment (by stuartm):
>> Although the UPnP server in 0.27 is UPnP compliant, it is not fully DLNA
>> compliant, this is something I'm working on for 0.28. It's possible that
>> 0.28 will just work, especially after I commit the next series of changes
>> in a couple of days.
> Thanks for the answer. I'm looking forward to 0.28 and will try to  
> test it as soon as possible.

I try to compile the recent version from git on Debian jessie  
(testing) and have several problems.

I just call


dpkg-deb: building package `mythtv-build-deps' in  

Am I compiling the right version? Instead of 0.27.0 shouln't it be  
something like like v028-pre? Should I give a parameter to  

The crucial problem is that the compilation seems to loop with the

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
distcc[29118] (dcc_parse_hosts) Warning:  
/mnt/MyBookT2/projekty-JSB/MythTV/packaging/deb/mythtv/debian/home/.distcc/zeroconf/hosts contained no hosts; can't distribute  
distcc[29118] (dcc_zeroconf_add_hosts) CRITICAL! failed to parse host file.

distcc[29118] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to distribute,  
running locally instead
CC	libavcodec/h264pred.o
distcc[29131] (daemon_proc) CRITICAL! Failed to create Avahi client  
object: An unexpected D-Bus error occured
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

I will appreciate you help.

Best regards


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