[mythtv] Fwd: MYTHTV -> GPL Violation (someone violating Mythtv GPL License)

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Fri Jun 13 15:21:59 UTC 2014

On 13/06/14 03:02, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Hi
> On 11 June 2014 19:40, Warpme <warpme at o2.pl> wrote:
>> Let me explain shortly my position on problem.
>> Source code is visit card of author. While I'm not software developer by
>> profession - I still want to maintain reputation of somebody who tries do
>> things correctly, elegant and with high quality.
>> Publishing my work also means taking responsibility for maintaining it.
>> Even if code will be published as unsupported - replaying remainders about
>> this, answering questions, etc creates extra burden for me and my current
>> situation+priorities and nor ready for this.
> [blah blah blah deleted]
I promised myself not to enter discussion - but my respect to You forces 
me to short answer.
All Your argumentation is build with hidden assumption that I'm not 
wiling / will not provide sources.
This is plainly wrong assumption.
I already mention that I WILL provide sources - in ALL my 
messages/replays regarding this subject.
It looks like paradigm takes over written words.
> But knowing the core reason you did so was for ultimate commercial
> gain, leave a very sour taste in my mouth.
This is plainly wrong conclusion.
Let me recall some facts:
I decide to publish project. For free.
I'm also supporting users. For free.
I'm publishing new versions. For free.

In respect of common thing here: MythTV - even if I want to 
commercialize on MythTV - It simply don't make much sense.
MythTV is free. Is is practically impossible to get commercial gain from 
something which is available for free via alternative channel.
Building business model on MythTV itself is simply misunderstanding 
basic things or dreaming...

Area where everybody can gain commercially is added value like: support, 
maintenance, integration, productification, etc.
In this context my activity is purely orthogonal to things which You are 
doing when You are developing MythTV.
There is no overlap.
If there will be overlap - it will be automatically resolved by GPL.
By this any % talks are irrelevant.

I already see this as win-win situation as my activity (I hope) improves 
MythTV. I still hope in future it will even more.

I simply don't see Your point, as commercial business model can't be 
(and is not) based on MythTV.
For viable business model MythTV is necessary but not sufficient - 
that's why I decide to clarify things here....
> That I've been conned into
> providing personalised support and fixes for free.
I believe it will be honest to get personalized support NOT for free.
I was trying express such idea in private mail sent to devs.
It looks like I failed with this.
> Do the right thing.
>> if community believes it is unacceptable to provide binaries and not providing sources during next month or two - then I will fully understand this and I'm ready to withdrawal binaries from minimyth2 site.
> I believe so, and that would be the solution

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