[mythtv] TVRec - Signal Monitor Deadline Value for Myth System Event.

Lincoln Rogers lincoln at performaplus.co.nz
Fri Jun 6 10:49:39 UTC 2014

Hi Devs.

Just seeking a little wisdom from someone please...

As a part of a few mythtv developments I am adding a new system event
(TUNING_SIGNAL_TIMEOUT) so that I can call a script to restart my stb
periodically when it stuffs up. I'm trying to keep coding tidy in an effort
to make it acceptable as a feature patch once complete.

I am calling the event from TVRec::TuningSignalCheck in libmythtv/tv_rec.cpp
and was going to make it conditional on signalMonitorDeadline but its value
is set conditionally.

The value of this is set in TVRec::TuningFrequency with

if (curRecording)


                    signalMonitorDeadline =





                    QDateTime expire = MythDate::current();

                    signalMonitorDeadline =

                        expire.addMSecs(genOpt.channel_timeout * 2);


Can anyone tell me, what is the purpose of this?

Why is signalMonitorDeadline not always set using channel_timeout?

Is this so that a recording will keep attempting to tune until the end
of a recording or is it something else?

If this is necessary I guess I'll just add a second timeout value.

Thanks for any help.


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