[mythtv] Starting off mythtv development

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jan 30 11:42:28 UTC 2014

On 01/30/2014 06:25 AM, Tony Gould wrote:
> By the way on a side note I just realised that my personal email 
> address will be semi-public on the archives in a "name at server" 
> format. Did I screw up -- am I going to get spammed like crazy?

You're probably already getting spammed "like crazy".  However, Google 
does a great job of filtering things out for you.  Because Google "sees" 
every e-mail sent to every gmail user (which is a large percentage of 
the e-mail users out there), they note when "the same" e-mail goes to a 
huge number of otherwise unrelated e-mail addresses, so it's actually 
rather easier for them to detect spam than for some other providers, so 
they're /very/ good at filtering it.

I use my main e-mail address on the list and have never attempted to 
hide it.  Over the years, I've gone from getting > 1500 spam e-mails a 
day to my account (maybe in 2005 time frame) to maybe about 50-100/day, 
today.  Believe it or not, various governments--and Microsoft--takedowns 
of spam peddlers and bot nets have had a huge impact on spam.  And, most 
of all, the fact that e-mail spam is much less lucrative, today, than 
previously due to the mass migration toward mobile (and its becoming the 
target of choice) has made spam much less common, today.

So, I am not worried--but I wasn't back when spam was a huge problem.  I 
think you'll be OK even if your address gets publicly archived, today, 
but feel free to use some list-only address.


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