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Wed Jan 29 18:55:45 UTC 2014

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> From: "Steve Campbell" <orcusmaximus at gmail.com>

> Hmm. Lets look at those points
> a) You should always use the best programming language for the job.
> PHP is much easier to maintain/develop in than C++ (at least for PHP
> devs!), and any good webapp will be making as much use of Javascript
> as possible.
> b) The integral web interface and frontend seem way outdated compared
> to Mythweb
> c) Is handled by the distribution package creators. There are good
> arguments for keeping things modular.
> I really don't want to knock Stuart who is doing a great job, but
> please don't kill off Mythweb just yet.

There's a much more important issue here.

Does Myth *really* want to assume responsibility for public web security?

If you take over answering port 80, *all of the backend* becomes the attack
surface for *all of the internet*; everything is now a security bug.

No; I think this is an ill-advised approach, architecturally.

There is almost certainly a lower-impact way to fix whatever problems
people feel that MythWeb presently has.

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