[mythtv] Please explain the usage (valid arguments) of the mythfilldatabase "--sourceid" option

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Tue Apr 15 20:25:51 UTC 2014

On 04/15/14 11:54, Fox wrote:
> Note that I would only be doing this with true free-to-air signals.
> I have no intention or desire to try to "pirate" encrypted commercial
>  signals.

The comment on MythTVTalk was not about television, but of guide data.
As you had previously made posts about accessing North American
television, and you currently appear to be using Charter cable, the only
reason someone in North America would be feeding an xmltv file directly
into mythfilldatabase is for purposes of development, or because they
were stealing guide data from the MCE feeds. For that matter, the only
reasons anyone anywhere should be dealing with xmltv files directly is
for development, or because they're using a non-compliant XMLTV grabber.

Regardless of the situation, --sourceid is one of those options that is
intended for testing or repair, not something that should see regular
use. You seem to be trying to work around some issue with either the
grabber or mythfilldatabase not working as it should, when the correct
action should be to _fix_ that issue, whether that be a bug in one of
the involved applications, an improper configuration, whatever... We're
looking for more information in order to figure out where exactly things
have gone wrong to fix them properly.

On an unrelated note, your mail client appears to not be populating the
"In Reply To" header, or something along the way is stripping it out,
causing you to start a new thread with each new email.

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