[mythtv] IPTV with an external channel changer

Lincoln lincoln at performaplus.co.nz
Sat Oct 12 01:22:22 UTC 2013

Hi devs,

I'm working with mythtv 0.27 to record from a dreambox via iptv. I can 
get the video stream find (via vlc) but when I add an external channel 
changer (which changes channel via a network request) the iptv source no 
longer connects to the stream. I am temporarily using a work around by 
tweaking dtvchannel.cpp and signalmonitor.cpp, but I was wondering if 
this was the intended behaviour or not?
If so, it does make it difficult to control channel changes when using a 
set top box that can stream. I can see that this might make sense with 
an analogue tuner but wondered if we could change it for the iptv 
tuners? I'm happy to do the work for this and submit a ticket and patch 
but it would be good to discuss this with a dev who has a better 
understanding of it that I do.

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