[mythtv] Metadata download disable patch - guidance needed

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Oct 9 04:58:36 UTC 2013

On 10/9/2013 12:22 AM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> AutoMetadataLookup seems to be completely orphaned - in 0.27 it is
> only referenced in mythtv/libs/libmythtv/recordingrule.cpp
> RecordingRule::RecordingRule() and there is no way I can find of
> setting or changing its value.  In fact, all of the GetNumSettings
> calls in the RecordingRule::RecordingRule() constructor seem to be
> for orphaned settings.  I have not delved too far into that, but I
> think it probably has to do with the change to using a default
> template to create the recording rules, and I am guessing that all
> the values that are defaulted in the constructor will be overwritten
> from values in the template rule when that is loaded.

That's my read as well.  AutoMetadataUpdate was the old style define
that defined what jobs would be automatically defined for new recording
rules.  They were removed from mythtv-setup with the switch to rule
templates, but appear to have been forgotten elsewhere.

> DailyArtworkUpdates seems to be the setting that I need - in 0.26 it
> was referenced in housekeeper.cpp and, as it defaulted to 0, even
> though it was not present in my settings table it stopped metadata
> downloads from happening.  When the housekeeper code was revamped
> into a proper inheritance structure for 0.27, the code that was
> checking DailyArtworkUpdates was missed out in the new setup - there
> are no references to DailyArtworkUpdates except where it is set in
> grabbersettings.cpp.

This was simply forgotten. I'll push an update to master tonight.

> Any task with the kHKRunOnStartup or kHKRunImmediateOnStartup will be
> run on startup without the DoCheckRun method being called to see if
> it should actually be run.  What I am unable to work out is whether
> this is as designed, or a bug.

This is another bug, and one that came up a few weeks ago with regard to
the Smolt client. Although in that case, it's a bit more difficult, as I
want to add a schema update to track successful runs, and alter the
periodic task to run an abbreviated period on a failed task.

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