[mythtv] Request for a new system event: CEC Command

mythtv at phipps-hutton.freeserve.co.uk mythtv at phipps-hutton.freeserve.co.uk
Fri May 17 12:05:45 UTC 2013

Hi Devs,
I want to suspend my frontend when the TV goes off. I have a usb-cec  
adapter and it gets a Standby command when the TV is switched off. The  
code does nothing with it and as suspending requires root privs I  
think the simplest way is with a system event to call a script.

In order to keep it simple and generic I think an event called for any  
CEC command will do together with a new event parameter %CECCOMMAND%  
to pass the decimal value of the command opcode to the script (Standby  
is 54). The script can then figure out when the TV goes off and do the  

Any comments? Can I create a ticket? I may be able to code this and  
submit a patch but it will be against fixes/0.26 (I don't think  
libmythui/cecdapater.cpp has diverged much).


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