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Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sun May 5 23:40:18 UTC 2013


On Monday, 6 May 2013, George Nassas wrote:
> This commit mostly fixes lossless transcoding for atsc/ac3 recordings for
> me. That's big news so thank you.
I don't see how it would have fixed anything existing. It's only a
formatting fix, there's no code change.
It would have added however the new demuxers added by the 1.1 version
(changes listed in the release/1.1 change log)
Atsc is an existing format, and no change was made to it (just added spaces
to the text)

So I'm expecting that you're seeing something else...

> The hitch is that audio in the output file isn't quite right. When I play
> a transcoded recording from the beginning I get silence but if I play a bit
> and rewind to the beginning I get sound. In other words, play silently to
> the 5 second mark and then go back 5 seconds gets sound. However, going
> back farther gets doesn't get sound. In other words, play to the 5 second
> mark and rewind 1 minute gives silence.

Did you open a bug for this? Please provide a sample.

> I imagine the output for the first audio frame is wonky but I don't know
> where to tweak the code.
> HLS streaming still craps out with an audio init error.
Is this the hls encoder or player? The player is broken for the time
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