[mythtv] Editing the Category

Steve Campbell orcusmaximus at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 11:11:03 UTC 2013

>On 03/23/2013 10:38 AM, Karl Dietz wrote:
>> On 23.03.2013 15:16, Steve Campbell wrote:
>>> Request #5 - have the mythweb/tv/detail screen make the Category a
>>> dropdown, allowing you to change it should it be incorrect. Unless
>>> anyone can tell me a better way of doing it, the dropdown would be
>>> derived from existing categories with Movies added if it's not there.
>> An easy way to edit title / subtitle / category_type would be nice.
>> Maybe as a pen next to the fields that lets you edit the fields. With
>> these three fields you can send out the metadatagrabber to collect
>> everything else from themoviedb/thetvdb :)
>> A common use case for my recordings is to manually add the episode title
>> via a search for the synopsis or reading it from the video as DVB EIT
>> does not have a concept of episode title. (There are some fixups for
>> some stations that send them in a scrapeable format, but only for some
>> channels.)
>On 24 Mar 2013 21:09:45 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>FWIW, category and category_type are supposed to be uneditable,
>guide-provided data, whereas recording group is user-specified
>categorization.  The big problem with recording group is that each
>recording is only allowed one, but I have a patch in the works that
>changes MythTV to replace recording groups with "tags" (aka labels) and
>allows an unlimited number of tags per recording.  I'd prefer not
>editing the category stuff, but working with recording group and, in the
>future, tags for any user-specifiable values.  (But I can't guarantee
>when that patch will be done.)
>The main reason I don't like the idea of editing category is because it
>will add confusion about category vs recording group, and the confusion
>will likely be even greater when we have tags.

Hi Mike,

Tags do sound good. I'll hold off for the moment. One thing though -
can a recorded program default to have a tag equal to it's category?
That way my ultimate aim of having one click record a program and have
it appear in the right place will be achievable.


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