[mythtv] Submitting Feature Request

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Thu Mar 21 15:53:29 UTC 2013

> Jean-Yves' suggestion of opening a ticket & doing a Git pull request does
> seem the way to go.

Please do not do this.  Github is only a secondary mirror, with MythTV
running a private Git server for development.  That means Github pull
requests cannot be processed through the website, do not automatically
detect merge and close on their own, and most of us developers do not have
administrative permissions on Github to close them manually.  A year ago
when Github was our primary repository, they were fine, but now, they just
end up being a hassle to deal with.

Create a feature patch ticket on trac.  Attach your changes as a patch.

> Mythweb Feature request 1

Again, just to clarify, these are not feature requests.  Feature requests
are things you think would be a good idea, but don't have the will or
inclination to program yourself, so you expect someone else will understand
your genius insight and take the time to program it for you.  Such things do
not belong on trac, but that's not what you have.  You have feature
submissions, programmed, and ready for review and merge.  These are welcome
tickets on trac.

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