[mythtv] Wii frontend

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Jun 17 21:22:56 UTC 2013

* On Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 12:51:07PM -0400, George Nassas wrote:
> To clarify: within the same number space? IOW, you won?t be able to
> have a recording id 10 and a video id 10. 10 might be a recording,
> 11-15 videos, the next few recordings, etc.

This isn't what was planned so far.  RecordID and VideoID (or whatever
that field is called are in separate tables).  FileID is in another
table.  A RecordID could have multiple FileID's and a VideoID could
have multiple FileID's.  Technically, a RecordID and a VideoID could
share the same FileID as well.

> The payoff would be to trim the current parallel APIs where you
> have start/stop/restart/delete HLS stream for recordings and
> start/stop/restart/delete HLS stream for videos and the only
> real difference is how you refer to the media. Same for artwork
> etc. I imagine you would end up saying ?start me a stream on
> media #26? and the right thing happens behind the scenes. Just askin?

It already is this way sort of.  The base HLS service calls just
take a filename and return a HLS ID.  There are wrappers around this
to allow you to easily startup a HLS stream for a recording using
starttime and chanid or for a video using the video ID.

> Rereading your statement I think I?m imagining it wrong.

I imagine that once the new schema is in place, there might be a
way to say "gimme a HLS stream for this FileID", but that might
be something just rolled into the on-demand HLS patch if the
schema is there already.


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