[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv branch master updated by stuartm. v0.27-pre2-1464-gbf9fa6d

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sat Jun 15 17:41:42 UTC 2013

On Saturday 15 Jun 2013 17:26:33 Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> > MHText: Fix coverity 746766. Copy-paste error. This does indeed 
look like
> > a copy/paste error, the value of 24 is what linespace is initialised 
> > so I'm assuming that's what we want to fall back to.
> This also closes ticket 11585 (which I submitted a few days ago; 
same fix).
> You probably want to close that ticket.

Ah sorry, I had thought Karl applied all your outstanding fixes.
Stuart Morgan
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