[mythtv] Wii frontend

Joel Sjögren joelsjogren.wii at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 14:33:31 UTC 2013

Hello, I'm investigating the possibility of running a mythtv frontend on
the nintendo wii. It already has an app (wiimc) that can stream video <720p
over the network, so I'm figuring it's technically possible: the hardware
is sufficient.

At the moment I'll be trying to implement the frontend within wiimc. That
way I can immediately focus on the mythtv part: communicating with the
backend and opening a stream. I have downloaded, successfully compiled and
set up both mythtv and wiimc, so I'm ready to begin to work.

My previous experience with mythtv (and wiimc for that matter) is as an end
user, and I haven't got lots of experience working with big projects like
this one. I do however have the time to learn. Where do you think I should
begin? I've been trying to navigate the source files, but they are so many
;) I've also just heard about xbmc's support for mythtv (while reading
about mythtv for the xbox), so I'm going to see how they've gone about it.

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