[mythtv] Guide for cross building Mythfrontend for Windows

tino.keitel at gmx.de tino.keitel at gmx.de
Thu Jun 6 12:21:36 UTC 2013


there seems to be a some information about cross building MythTV for
Windows.  However, it seems to be outdated for 0.26.  Is there some
current guide how to achieve this?  I have some knowledge in using
cross-toolchains, but given the lengthy dependency chain I'd appreciate
some guide what is required to cross-build MythTV so that the frontend
can be used in Windows. There is at least one ticket in trac (#11170)
which indicates that someone cares for the ability to cross-build a
Windows version in Linux.

I already tried git://github.com/MythTV/packaging.git but it uses QT
4.7.x, and MythTV seems to require QT 4.8, so I guess this is outdated,


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