[mythtv] Debugging DeviceReadBuffer.cpp

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Sun Jun 2 10:08:30 UTC 2013


On 31.05.2013 19:52, Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
> From the looks of the patch you don't print anything for
> the (ret > 0) case. It will be fairly rare for 2.5 seconds

I added this now for testing and got lots of debug messages. So, the
patch works and the debug messages work in principle.

Also, I printed out the actual poll time according to MythTimer and it
is 20-30ms.

So, if I understand the code correctly, the first poll should be with a
10ms timeout and the 2nd try with 2500ms.

I think this is another proof that poll() does not care about the
timeout, because otherwise I should get a retry every time.

> to elapse with no data coming from the device. You generally
> need to unplug the aerial to get to those cases.

I don't exclude that my SAT equipment may have a problem every now and
then, because it happens mostly on 1 or 2 multiplexes, but I think that
MythTV should better handle this and it seems the code is written with
that in mind. It's just that it does not work, because it does not retry.


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