[mythtv] [mythtv-users] Removing support for CEA-608 teletext subtitles

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sat Jul 27 16:48:27 UTC 2013

Jim Stichnoth wrote:
> We are planning to remove MythTV support for CEA-608 based teletext
> captions/subtitles, as of the 0.27 release.  That is to say, 0.26 will
> be the last release with CEA-608 teletext support.
> Note that this has nothing to do with DVB teletext that is commonly
> used in Europe.  It also has nothing (or at least little) to do with
> VBI-based CEA-608 closed captions which are provided by U.S.
> broadcasters and set-top box analog output.
> The main reason for removal is that there doesn't seem to be any
> content currently produced with such subtitles, and hasn't been for a
> very long time, and so the code to maintain decoding and rendering
> support is all guesswork that complicates the rest of the code.
> If anyone has samples containing CEA-608 teletext captions, or has
> other concerns about this decision, please let me know.
> Jim
Hi Jim/lists

I have a number of recordings made prior to the demise of Teletext in 
the UK who's subtitles it would be good to be able to show. I don't know 
about practice elsewhere, but, in the UK, Teletext page 888 was used to 
carry the subtitles. Would it be possible to retain the playback capability?



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