[mythtv] Does mythtv need to write in these locations?

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 19:38:32 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 27 Feb 2013 11:06:47 David Highley wrote:
> "Raymond Wagner wrote:"
> > On 2/27/2013 09:14, David Highley wrote:
> > > Does mythtv need to write in /etc/mythtv or is it the case of bad file
> > > open modes?
> > 
> > MythTV only needs to write there if you tell it to write there. It needs
> > write access to $MYTHCONFDIR/, or if that has not been defined, to
> > $HOME/.mythtv/.
> We have not defined that environment variable but still see squawks in
> the log files about not being able to write there.

Ubuntu and possibly other distros wrap the mythtv binaries with scripts which 
set those variables.
Stuart Morgan

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