[mythtv] Question about the time zone information

David Highley dhighley at highley-recommended.com
Tue Feb 26 05:53:24 UTC 2013

"David Highley wrote:"
> When we try to transcode a recording we see a start time of
> 20130225140000. When we look at the recording file name we see a file
> name of 1029_20130225220000.mpg. Would this be expected with the time
> zone information being stuck into mysql? Just did a fresh Fedora 18
> install and ran into the issue of the time information not being in the
> database. Do we still have a miss configuration? The transcode fails as
> it is not able to retrieve the video format information by doing:
> mythtranscode -v general --chanid 1029 --starttime 20130225140000
> --fifoinfo

Let me clarify our own terse post. We are and have been using the script
from here: 

We invoked the script by going through the mythweb interface where we
clicked on the title for the recording which gives access to run the
transcode job. What we see from the above information which we found via
logging is the script is passed a start time that appears to be a local
time and the recording file seems to have a UTC time value. Do we need
to modify the script to add 80000 to the time, UTC plus 8 hours for PST,
before passing the start time to the transcode command?

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