[mythtv] Encrypted ISO playback from back end

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>> On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Charlie Kempson <charlie.kempson at iinet.net.au> wrote:
>> > Hi guys,
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>> > Please see my email below.  Did I post this to the wrong list?  It 
>> > seems a development related issue rather than a user issue.  Can 
>> > anyone provide an answer?
>> You sent it to the right list.  From observation (I am not a developer) the active developers are very 
>> very busy right now (with new jobs, life, higher priority issues, etc.).  I seem to recall there was some 
>> discussion back in August timeframe regarding the issues on the developer IRC channel, with some 
>> concerns raised that resulted in punting the issue down the road for a time when more of
>> the developer community could participate in the discussions.  One of the issues was that a release 
>> (0.26 was real near) and the developers were trying to freeze the codes so that people could do final 
>> testing.  Another of the issues was that DVD playback was broken in a number of cases, and one of 
>> the developers has been hard at work improving the base issues before looking at anything else.  
>> That is taking a long time to get right (apparently some DVD's use, shall we say, interesting 
>> capabilities on their discs).
>> Gary
>Thanks, Gary, I appreciate your thoughts.  I’d be interested in seeing the concerns you mention – is there 
>any reference available? It seems to me that all encrypted ISO playback has been broken right now, and 
>hence when the developers get to this, integrating the existing relatively simple workaround of piping 
>through the existing decryption libraries at the server side would meet the large majority of user cases.
If you are in a position to apply the patches they work just fine - at least with 0.25 which I am using. I haven't tried it with 0.26 (which was trunk at the time that I patched my system) so cannot comment on that.
Naturally this presumes the initialisation issue I reported was applied to the patch for both 0.25 and trunk - I  assume this was done but did not check!

To patch you will need to be setup to do your own mythtv builds. Software development experience preferably with linux would be beneficial for resolving any issues that you encounter when applying the patches. Incidentally if you want to give it a go and it doesn't work out you can simply revert to an unpatched copy of 0.26.


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