[mythtv] Ticket #11752: Recordings may end up in live tv group

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Fri Aug 16 13:57:09 UTC 2013

> And, FWIW, there are very few reasons to ever define a Live TV Storage Group
> (and the only case where it makes sense is a less-than-ideal system/storage
> configuration--so I don't know of any good reasons to define it).  Not
> defining a Live TV Storage Group allows MythTV to decide the most-ideal
> location to store the new recording, according to the same Storage Group
> Disk Scheduler selected for use with recordings.  And, for those who believe
> that having a dedicated partition for Live TV is better to prevent expiring
> something they want, dedicating space to only Live TV only reduced the
> amount of space available for storing recordings.
> Unfortunately, though, mythtv-setup makes users think it's a good thing to
> define the group by having a button specifically to create the group.  Users
> see that and think, "I want to use Live TV," so they think they should/must
> create the group.
> We may want to consider doing less to encourage users to create a Live TV
> Storage Group--such as removing the button in mythtv-setup "(Create Live TV
> group)".  Also, it makes sense to encourage distro packagers to stop
> creating Live TV Storage Groups for users.

I completely disagree.  I use Live-TV storage groups religiously.  If
LiveTV is not in the same SG as my recordings, I can choose to backup
just the recordings I care about, I can chose to RAID just my
recordings, etc.

Additionally, I created whats essentially a "WAF" storage group...
containing shows that, if lost, might shorten my life expectancy.  The
folders in this SG are rsynced to a separate machine for live backup.
Additionally I have a cron that notifies me of any recordings that are
too small to be useful videos so that I can try and remedy the
situation before the wife notices.

Storage groups are a very handy tool...and being able to create more
of them to suit your needs is what makes them so great.

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