[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #11729: video play double speed (too fast), audio plays normal speed, nouveau driver only

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Sun Aug 11 22:46:18 UTC 2013

> Because the last part is wrong.... I mentioned that earlier. Along the 
> analysis of why
I revisited this yesterday and I think I found the root cause.

If upmixer is active, final_frames does not include the frames that 
CopyWithUpmix gobbles and doesnt return but SetAudiotime compensates for 
it anyway.
I moved 'final_frames += frames' to before CopyWithUpmix call and it 
works perfectly.

Having just updated to head yesterday, Ive noticed a couple of other 

1. audio sounds distorted. I understand this is now fixed since 
yesterday. will update and test again tonight. upmixer on or off doesnt 
2. audio sounds mono even though logs say its not. this includes HD 
broadcasts. Very puzzling. happened in the last 2 months. upmixer on or 
off doesnt matter.
3. when a program ends, and tries to exit, it deadlocks every time and 
never exists. I have captured 2 cores whilst this is happening. If there 
is already a ticket for this, please inform me and Ill attach bt full 
this evening. If I stop before the end it exits back to PBB ok. no menu 
popup enabled at play end. not sure what to make of the bt's yet.

if any of these dont have tickets Ill create one.


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