[mythtv] Mytharchive Patches

Stefan Brackertz t.brackertz at gmx.net
Sat Aug 10 17:20:26 UTC 2013


is there a chance to get this patch itegrated into 0.27?


It fixes some new bugs making mythburn.py crash if

* one tries to burn a dvd (creating iso-file works) or
* one tries to burn Videos (changes in the python-bindings require some changes in mythburn.py; burning recordings work)

Without these fixes mythburn is more or less useless in 0.27.

By the way:
Is there any chance to get access to the git (restricted at least to maytharchive-component)? I'd like to engage into patching the mytharchive bugs and fixing some more. But it's not motivating if those patches don't get merged into the official code.

Best regards, Stefan

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