[mythtv] DVD dropping back to the frontend at the menu. PCM_DVD problem?

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 22:49:04 UTC 2012

On Thursday 29 Nov 2012 13:42:58 Neil Salstrom wrote:
> Do we know if that will have any other repercussions?  Why was it set
> to <=0 in the first place?

It shouldn't have any negative consequences. It appears from the context to 
have been added as bounds checking, i.e. ensuring that the number of channels 
doesn't exceed the limits of a channels array in either direction. < 0 and > 
MAX_CHANNELS would definitely be outside any array, but it's unlikely that zero 
would and you're testing backs this up - it's not crashing.

This check didn't even exist in 0.25 and so it seems entirely safe to make the 
change that I did. I'm guessing that the person who added the check in the 
first place just assumed that since a zero channel audio stream would be 
useless throwing an error at this point made sense.
Stuart Morgan

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