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Tue Nov 20 14:18:00 UTC 2012

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On 11/16/2012 11:25 AM, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
>> (*) I do not suppose you have a set of instructions
>> available somewhere that indicates what is needed to
>> build a windows build system?  If you do, and can
>> point me at it, that would be appreciated.
> There is:
>  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythTV_on_Windows
> I have to confess the instructions have never been good enough
> for me to build the whole thing and the windows build script
> has never worked for me. But if you use for windows yourself
> you can probably get past the rough patches better than me.
> -- Daniel

Building on Windows is fun. The script ( https://raw.github.com/MythTV/packaging/master/Win32/mythbuild.sh ) works, but there's a few issues. From memory:

You need to add a line to float.h to get Qt to build. There's a function called patchmingw32 in the script but it either doesn't work or doesn't get called properly. The script tells you if you need to patch float.h, but doesn't successfully patch it under Windows. Just look at the patchmingw32 function and add the line to float.h manually with a text editor.

The Qt compile freezes and dies. Just Ctrl-C, use Task Manager to kill off any residual copies of make.exe then press up and enter to try again. It can take 3-5 attempts to get through Qt. You only have to do that the first time. No idea why it screws up.

I think I had to use the patches on http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/11170 to get MythTV to compile.

MythTV compiles, but the mythbuild.sh script misses some library files when it installs so executable files won't run until you manually copy the missing libraries to mythinstall/win32. I don't remember which ones. Mythfrontend's error message will give you the filenames when you try and run it.

- Peter

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