[mythtv] Live-TV Stutter Patch 0.25 Backport

Max Wolkinger max78 at wolke7.net
Thu Nov 8 21:20:06 UTC 2012

On 7 November 2012 13:18, Max Wolkinger <max78 at wolke7.net> wrote:

> If it has been fixed, I'm not seeing the effect.
>> To get smooth liveTV, I must pause for a few seconds or rewind.
> OK - there goes my hope for stutter-free Live-TV. Is there any chance to
> auto-pause for 1 Second on Live-TV playback start, or some other hack?

To close out on this, in case anyone else is interested or lands here via

I was able to semi-fix it by switching to XBMC 12 beta with mythtv PVR
addon as a frontend, which works really great - so the mythtv backend seems
to behave ok, the issue is with the frontend. Oh and I also got VAAPI
working, which somehow never seemed to work with myth.
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