[mythtv] MythTV audio initialization

Greg G. dargllun at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 8 07:16:17 UTC 2012

On 07.11.2012 20:45, Warpme wrote:
> I have bad news for You: while it is fully possible to keep mythfrontend
> running across s3 cycles I believe You will quit this idea (as I'm) when
> You discover that BE->FE event connection is not surviving when sleep is
> long enough (over 30min I believe). User notices this as i.e.:
> -lack of EPG program rec.status changes when You programing given
> program to record on EPG.
> -sockets timeouts in BE (in 0.25 leading quickly to BE deadlocks)

Well, actually my system is a combined FE/BE, so this particular problem
should not bother me. And since my dvb driver doesn't support S3, I shut
down the BE anyway to be able to unload the driver module. Thanks anyway
for the hint.

But I did notice that the 0.25 FE had quite some issues to recover from
a connection timeout that inevitably happened during shutdown when -
even for brief moment - the BE went down.

> Fortunately it seems like BE is not deadlocking on 0.26 by errors like
> above, but event connection is still present :-(

Yes, also with my scenario (FE living, BE going down) I noticed that the
FE better recovers, and that's why I started this thread: the magic
audio initialization is the last deal-breaker for my setup so I'm really
hoping that someone *cough* perhaps JYA *cough* could enlighten me what
it is that re-enables my comatose ALSA.


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