[mythtv] mythtv trac rules (Was Re: Ticket #11221: The use of OpenAndUnlink() in mainserver.cpp::DeleteFile() prevents the use of CIFS)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Nov 7 00:33:05 UTC 2012

On 11/06/2012 03:06 AM, Greg G. wrote:
> On 06.11.2012 08:07, Chris Bannister wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 04:38:51PM +0100, Greg G. wrote:
>>> Ok knowing that the mythtv folks don't like bug discussion in Trac, I
>>> subscribed to mythtv-dev.
>> Huh? Shouldn't all information about a bug be kept in one place?
> I would agree, but in the past this community just chose to handle it
> differently so I will abide those rules. But perhaps this policy has
> changed?
The ticket should have usable information that doesn't require the 
developer who handles it to read through hundreds of messages before 
handling it.  If I have 30min to work on MythTV one evening, I won't 
even go near a ticket with lots of messages that require lots of reading 
because it would take up all my MythTV time, and I won't get any fix in 
place, and I will then forget what I found out before next time I get 
some MythTV time, so I'd have to start over.  Instead, when there's 
discussion required--versus information that will help the developer 
looking at the ticket--it should be had on the list and then results of 
the discussion summarized on the ticket when actual progress is made.

I'll look into what's happening when I get a chance (probably in a 
couple of weeks), but we should /only/ ever be doing an open-and-unlink 
when using slow deletes.  If that's no longer the case then something is 
very wrong.


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