[mythtv] hello and question

Peter Hoopes phoopes at standrews-de.org
Mon Dec 24 01:25:49 UTC 2012

Hey guys:

	Thanks for all of the great info. We've actually tried some of what was
suggested. We've run XMBC on Windows/Linux against the backend - we've
even tried XMBC on a Raspberry Pi and we can do some things. What I'm
trying to do is actually two different things:

	1) Replace common room Satellite TV with small-form PC's running
MythBuntu and allow them to be able to watch any live stream available
through the backend. MAYBE watch recordings, but that's secondary.

	2) Replace classroom satellite units that can play both live TV and
recorded streams (usually educational programs or movies in foreign
languages, etc.).

	So what I'm looking for - and the reason I joined this list - is for a
developer, either on this list or not, who might be interested in
developing a custom client that had just the features we're looking for.

	Any suggestions or pointers? We are willing to pay the developer a good
rate for help...


Peter Hoopes
Director of Technology
St. Andrew's School
phoopes at standrews-de.org

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