[mythtv] HELP: CentOS 6.3 install "MYTH_PROTO_VERSION wasempty."

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Mon Dec 10 23:43:45 UTC 2012

On 10/12/12 21:48, Richard Shaw wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 3:44 PM,  <gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com> wrote:
>> Running head here on Centos 6.3 without issues.
>> On my old system, this error generally meant that the tuner card had
>> crashed. Myth appears to be missing a timeout and error....
>> from what I see, if my tuner has crashed/hung, when mythbackend starts, it
>> prints out it is starting etc., and then the only indication that it isn't
>> working is that it /doesn't/ print that it is starting housekeeping.
>> Try testing your tuner using mplayer or something to check.
> The only tuner I have is a HDHR3 (US ATSC)... Installed Fedora 17 and
> installed everything and it worked fine...
> Richard

If it's tuner related then of course the bare el6 kernel probably won't 
be adequate; it may well need either the media_build drivers or 
something similar, such as the atrpms v4l kmdl.  Maybe this isn't 
obvious :-)  And sorry about this being the Wrong List.



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