[mythtv] Hardware profiler (was: [mythtv-commits] mythtv branch master updated by wagnerrp. v0.26-pre-109-gc6a6962 )

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Mon Apr 23 23:25:29 UTC 2012

On 4/23/2012 17:05, Craig Treleaven wrote:
> 1) Will a summary of the information gathered be available outside the 
> developers?


> 2) Is this intended to be run on backends, frontends or both?

At the moment, it checks whether it is allowed to run (per host), and 
when the last time it has been run, when you start the frontend.  It 
will only run if it has not updated in over a month.  It can only be 
enabled by going into the frontend configuration wizard.  It can be 
triggered manually through the backend web server, but the backend does 
not automatically run it at this time.  I intend to clean up this 
behavior for 0.26.

> 3) Minor, but has it been tested on OS X?  (Given that the Python 
> bindings won't work.)

At the moment, there is actually a specific compile-time check such that 
it will only run if on Linux.  Smolt was actually written for Fedora, 
and MythDora users have been running it for years, but there hasn't been 
a whole lot of effort towards collecting similar information from 
non-Linux systems.

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