[mythtv] MythTV 0.26, XVideo, and OpenGL

dargllun dargllun at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 17 18:07:22 UTC 2012

Sorry to jump in late, I just found this thread and subscribed to the 
list, hence I have no previous mail to reply properly to.

I'm a long-term Radeon HD3200 user. To this day, even with 0.25, the 
best option for this chip (and presumably many others) unfortunately 
still is Xv using the open-source radeon driver. Believe me, I have 
spent countless hours trying different options and always came back to 
this configuration. To sum it up:

a) fglrx:
- unstable feature set
- flakey suspend behaviour (by itself a no-go for me)
- no /sys/class/drm/ interface for HDMI hotplug scripting
- Xv: tearing, jittery
- OpenGL: tearing, jittery

b) OSS radeon
+ good OS integration
+ Xv: superb performance, very real-time even with additional system-load
- OpenGL: has gotten way better over the past year, but still jittery, 
even without deinterlacing. Note that there is still lots of CPU power left
- OpenGL lite: same as OpenGL
- VDPAU mesa state tracker: same as OpenGL
+ nice /sys/class/drm/ interface for HDMI hotplug scripting

As much as I love to use OpenGL for the well known benefits, it simly is 
no option.

That leaves us with 2 bottom lines:

a) Xv is still badly needed, please treat it gently

b) OpenGL on radeon seems to be almost there, but still uses a bit more 
CPU than Xv and suffers from real time issues (judder)

Thanks for a great piece of software!


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