[mythtv] A need for advanced player settings

E. Westbrook mythtv-dev at westbrook.com
Tue May 31 22:35:27 UTC 2011

On May 31, 2011 3:18 PM, "Stuart Morgan" <stuart at tase.co.uk> wrote:
> I suspect you haven't got ccache installed? Re-compiling can take as
little as
> a few seconds for a small change, to a couple of minutes for something

Oh, of course I use ccache.  Even distcc.

When iterating experimentally, though, the seconds compound, even if it's
just one's own time simply launching the build again.  Which is annoying
when just bisecting for an optimal parameter.

That said, I've spoken my piece on the topic, and so I'll just remain in
polite disagreement with what I'm hearing the leadership say clearly is firm

(The fact alone that Mr Dean has so many references readily at hand to
defend the position would in itself seem to indicate deep and firm
commitment to it, if nothing else.  Which I can certainly respect, even in

After all, of course, one can always make things as configurable as one
likes in a private patch set. :)

Thanks again, everyone.

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