[mythtv] Ticket #9773: Deadlocked BE

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon May 16 16:54:55 UTC 2011

 >Perhaps it's just that piece of code
 >that is blocked, not whole full database. This could happen because of
 >table locking. My guess is that would depend on the database engine you
 >are using. Anyway, I'm not looking into this more right now. Perhaps
 >someone else will see "blocking on database" and have some ideas as to
 >what might be causing that.

Thx for Your time.
Indeed - at some point of time I started to consider also my environment.
I tested various mysql versions (5.1.50,  5.1.51 & 5.5.12) but without 
Maybe I should start with clean tables ?
My current DB is 2,5y old (schema started at 0.21 and incrementally 
upgraded to current master).
Unfortunately issue with starting with clean tables is that I have to 
move 1,2T recordings.
If somebody will help me with exact list of tables which should be 
restored on clean DB - I can try eventually.
But basic question is: is this effort worth enough (in other words: is 
probability, that be deadlock is result of some internal DB non-optimal 
state, enough high to justify DB tables delete+selective restore ?)
Sorry for this type of question but experience and good sense is crucial 
here as I'm working with production system....

On the other hand: is this possible that piece of code which is blocked 
is blocked by environment issue - I mean not DB but rest of environment 
like Qt or DVB drivers bug ?
I'm trying understand why majority of others users don't have this issue.


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