[mythtv] Ticket #9402 (or How do I contact the original ticket owner?)

Ian Wilkinson null at sgtwilko.f9.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 18:04:33 UTC 2011


Two things:
1) I've read the TicketHowTo, and it states that discussions about 
tickets should be done on the mailing list, however if I found a fix for 
a problem, but want to see if the ticket that's raised is caused by the 
same thing, how do I contact the original ticket author to see if my fix 
helps them?  I can only see the first part of the e-mail address when 
viewing the ticket (and fair enough I wouldn't want my e-mail address on 

I realise that probably the response here will be "Just post on the 
mailing list, they should have subscribed on the off chance that someone 
will post about their issue.", but there has to be a better way of 
contacting them.  Obviously if I was to reply to the ticket suggesting a 
fix (which the TicketHowTo suggests is not allowed) then they would 
receive my e-mail.


2) I ran into the same problem as described in ticket 9402, where I was 
unable to play music.  The problem was slightly different as it only 
happened on some, but not all, of my music files.  As I had some that I 
had ripped from CD on the Mythbox and some I had already 
ripped/purchased that I had run the import wizard on, I noticed that one 
group would play from MythWeb and the others wouldn't.  After a bit of 
messing around in the mythweb files I found that it was a permissions 
problem.  One set of files (I believe the imported ones as I've not seen 
the problem since) had different permissions that did not allow reading 
by mythweb, but did allow the frontend to read them.  After allowing all 
to read, they suddenly became playable in mythweb.


Ian Wilkinson

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