[mythtv] Cross-compiling on Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.4 (tiger)

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Wed Oct 20 04:00:41 UTC 2010

Thanks so much for helping Nigel!  I was hoping you specifically would
respond (being the osx-packager.pl author).

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 1:00 AM, Nigel Pearson <nigel at ind.tansu.com.au>wrote:

> I've read a bunch of pages on QT... and in the end I downloaded it
> precompiled for v4.7 for the Mac "Carbon" framework since Qt's Cocoa-only
> support doesn't support Mac 10.4.
> Yes, but only if you build it that way.
> % .osx-packager/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.0/configure --help
> ...
> Qt/Mac only:
>     -Fstring ........... Add an explicit framework path.
>     -fw string ......... Add an explicit framework.
>     -cocoa ............. Build the Cocoa version of Qt. Note that
> -no-framework
>                          and -static is not supported with -cocoa.
> Specifying
>                          this option creates Qt binaries that requires Mac
> OS X
>                          10.5 or higher.
> ...
> %
> Future versions of Qt may be Cocoa only, but for now,
> osx-packager doesn't ask for it, and the resultant Qt
> should be Carbon+Cocoa.

What you're saying here seems to only elaborate on what I stated, not refute
what I said in any way.  Bottom line:  Qt requires Carbon for my target
environment (10.4).

>   Hopefully in the end I can simply copy the Qt Mac Framework directories
> over to the AppleTV and have that work.  I think myth is currently compiling
> against 4.6 headers which managed to get on the build path from an earlier
> failed build attempt but hopefully that doesn't matter.
> I'm not sure how to cross-compile MythTV for 10.4.
> Neither am I, but I will attempt to run 10.6.4 built binaries
> on 10.4, and if necessary try some 10.4 target builds for you.

Running a 10.6.x built app on 10.4 (the AppleTV specifically) will fail --
I've tried it.  Whatever the specific error was, I traced it down (i.e. did
some googling) to the cause that the app wasn't built with 10.4 support.
I'm now not surprised, having since learned about this subject lately --
even if this is not my field of expertise.

Meanwhile, there should be plenty of Web or Wiki pages that
> describe how people compiled for the ATV in the past?

There's this:
Most of this wiki page isn't particularly relevant to me since it's focused
on GUI related stuff like fonts and getting the FrontEnd to run, replacing
AppleTV's entry-point.  I am going to use purely background (and hence
non-gui) MythTV processes, so my job is actually much easier (if I could
only compile it!).  The page instructs people to use MythTV version
20-fixes.  That MythTV version was released in 2007 before Mac OS 10.5
(Leopard) was even available -- so logically it was built on 10.4.

What I didn't state in my requirements is that I want and need to use the
latest MythTV version, mostly because that's what MythBoxee requires.  I
like the idea of cross-compiling but it has proved difficult.  I gave up on
this temporarily to try to get a 10.4 machine to do the build on.  Despite
having a burned copy of Apple's DVD (which I did pay for originally but
don't know what happened to it) it refused to install on my '06 MacBook
which is quite puzzling to me.  But I'd really rather do a cross-compile.
Anyone following in my path will also unlikely have an old 10.4 OS to use.
And this assumes that one could even build 23.fixes on 10.4 -- an untested

Good luck on your end.  I could show you some errors I've gotten on the
build that you might peruse but I feel like its best at the moment to
transfer my knowledge of cross-compiling (e.g. -isysroot, etc.) as I've done
here already and let someone like you who is more experienced in these
matters give it a try.

~ David
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