[mythtv] BrowserBased setup

Per Lundberg perlun at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 19:38:26 UTC 2010

Hi Jean-Yves,

> You do realise that if it wasn't for Microsoft, we would have a very
> consistent javascript toolkit across most platforms?

I don't really care. The problem with Javascript isn't lack of
consistency, it is:

1) Lack of strong typing. This has been somewhat fixed in JScript.NET
(hehe, I guess I'll get some angry faces now as well ;-) where you can
actually specify types for Javascript parameters for example. Perhaps
that's the case in "normal" ECMA/Javascript also these days? I don't

2) Lack of compilation to a "blob". This is really an important point.
How do you unit test an "application" that isn't really an
application? How do you ensure that all parts of it fit together? It's
virtually impossible. Yes, this is one of the strengths of Javascript
when it comes to trivial "scripting" in a web page. But it's also one
of the reasons why I personally would consider it extremely unsuitable
for building bigger web "applications.

3) Lack of normal OOP... why oh why did choose such a weird approach
in this sense? Javascript doesn't have classes, it has objects which
can be copied. It therefore doesn't support things which "we" in the
Java/.NET camps consider normal, important parts of a programming
language/environment: Interfaces, abstract base classes, etc, etc.

C++ is a *LOT* better than Javascript in this sense, even though it
also has its deficencies. Having to declare your class in two places
(the header file and the class file) is one of these deficiencies.

The only problem in this sense is that there isn't such a thing as
"client-side C++" in the web. Well, there is actually, but you'll all
scream loudly if I start whispering swear-words like "ActiveX"... ;-)

>> best of these both worlds - a managed code environment, with full
>> IntelliSense support, with a cross-browser, cross-operating system
>> runtime that lets you "write once, run anywhere"... :-)
> you mean run everywhere as long as it's Windows... what a choice :P

That's not what I meant. I don't see Silverlight as "the final
solution", but I see it as a really important step on the road towards
the final destination. Now, if I wanted, I could start listing a lot
of things I don't like in Silverlight, but that would be a bit
counterproductive in this discussion. :-)
Best regards,
Per Lundberg

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