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Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 21:41:37 UTC 2010

I agree, although there is a place for flash like things these are limited
now html5 is coming along.

Not only that but silverlight is now an embedded development environment for
winmo7 phones just check out ms recent releases/quotes on the matter.

Using flash or silverlight is a bad idea for open standards and
accessibility. Maybe for a front end where the ui gains are worth the
effort... but for an app you should only use rarely?

As to whether php is a good or bad language thats a different discussion...
whether a language needs to be strongly typed bfor it to be a decent
language is a moot point. Php can be compiled to a bytecode for performance
with the zend optimiser and python has this by default. Why would an
opensource app be beholden to a mostly proprietary language or platform
(c#/silverlight) from a company which has done nothing but try and subvert

I am a pragmatisc, and everything has its place but ms changes its mind too
frequently on fringe projects like silverlight to invest any time in it....
in my view... and i am not a dev or anything other than a user of myth...
this is just my opinion.


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Richard Morton
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