[mythtv] Unresponsive BE

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Fri Nov 19 17:10:50 UTC 2010


Thx for Your replay.

I don't know do I understand correctly scenario described by You, but 
probably it is result of the same problem which I see in my system.
I have 1 central BE and 3 remote, network booted FE.
When I put FE into S3 sleep for long time (many hours) and resume it 
next - usually I have famous ReadStringList Errors and usually BE 
becomes dead for new connections. I do workaround this by 
stooping/starting FE during S3 sleep cycle - but this is workaround.

I definitely will try Your patch (thx for that)  - but now I'm fighting 
with strongly decreased LiveTV stability in 0.24 after 27020.
Namely: with 27020 and older, I can easy do 500 LiveTV start/exit + 
channel changes, while after 27020 (tested 27025[37][89][117][189][235]) 
I have hang usually after 10-50 cycles....
Now I revert 27021 and see how it goes...

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