[mythtv] Unresponsive BE

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Wed Nov 17 11:50:53 UTC 2010


I'm using 0.24-fixes 27235 with 2xDVB-S2 tuners. Im wonder is Dough's comment in: 


(see below) is still valid ?

I have constant problems with unresponsive backend when tuning fails on my DVB-S2 tuners.
In such case frontend reports:

2010-11-16 23:43:29.326 MythSocket(9056088:61): readStringList: Error, timed out after 60000 ms.
2010-11-16 23:43:29.326 Protocol version check failure.
			The response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION was empty.
			This happens when the backend is too busy to respond,
			or has deadlocked in due to bugs or hardware failure.
2010-11-16 23:43:29.326 RemoteEncoder::Setup(): Failed to connect to backend
2010-11-16 23:43:29.326 RemoteEncoder::SendReceiveStringList(): Failed to reconnect with backend.

Issue is really annoying as for user, BE behaves like dead for FE requests (process restart is needed).

Here is relevant part of Doug comment:

The problem is that in the connectionClosed callback, a lock is used which
is also used in many other places when iterating over the currently opened
sockets. If socket operations are done while this lock is held, and the
callback ends up getting called, it will deadlock. The conclusion is that it
is not safe to perform socket operations when this lock is held.

Douglas Paul

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