[mythtv] Possible to re-open 7164 and/or 4989?

Matt S. skd5aner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 14:52:17 UTC 2010

After a discussion in the #mythtv IRC channel the other day, it
appears that additional folks, including developers, are stumbling
upon the issues outlined in 7164/4989 (including the one opened by
elmojo which Stewart M closed but he himself recently brought up that
it was affecting him too in testing :) ).  Would it be possible to
re-open these, even if there isn't a milestone, so that the problem
can at least be tracked until a solution eventually emerges?  I know
Daniel and Stewart both sounded surprised that this problem existed
and figured it was a regression, which I'm pretty sure is not the case
since Daniel initially closed #4989 as a feature request without a
patch.  Is this something that would be considered a feature request
and not a bug?  I can definitely live with the impact, but only
because Live TV is only about 5% of my TV watching experience AND I've
got enough physical tuners that I've deleted all my virtual tuners so
I no longer have to experience those issues.  However, it would be
nice if the folks who are capable of fixing it knew the problem

Just thought I'd ask since it recently came up (again), thanks in
advance for the consideration.


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