[mythtv] Proposal for updatng ffmpeg in Mythtv 0.21

Matthew Grant matthewgrant5 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 22:26:05 UTC 2009


I would like to do this to support the DVB-T we have here in New
Zealand.  This would also be helpful for Norway as well.

Scenario is that the VGPDAU backport really isn't enough to do
everything properly.  Updating the MtyhTV 0.21 to the lastest FFMPEG
and adding LATM AC3 support would be a good idea.  I am running an
older AMD64x2 Shuttle with a 4400 CPU, 1MB cache per core, with an ATI
9250 AGP card.  My trials with MythTV 0.21 + fixes + patches  from
Jacque Y Avenard's build of 0.21 indicate that the hardware is capable
of full 1080p decode, but that it is bottlenecking on the single
threaded H264 MP4 decode path in the FFMPEG libraries.

I suspect that there is too much UI breakage in the SVN trunk MythTV
code to make it usable for ordinary users.  I just want something
stable that will work as I want my technophobic wife to be comfortable
with it.

My main query is has to port the latest FFMPEG into the MythTV0.21
tree.  Once I have this done, I would like to work with Jacques on
merging te patch with his code, and getting it to run properly on my
limited but capable non-Nvidia hardware.

The other path is for me to get stuck into the SVN trunk code, and fix
all the bugs I run into (probably tons of UI stuff due to port across
to MythUI), port the latest FFMPEG, and add the LATM patch.  Seems to
be pretty hard for me...

Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated.  I will try out the
latest SVN trunk builds once I have a properly configured MythTV 0.21
configuration in MySQL that I can fall back to after a database

Many thanks and Best Regards (I am being a little bit greasy here...)

Matthew Grant

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