[mythtv] 6200ch patch (contrib/channel_changers)

Bryan Mayland bmayland+mythtv at capnbry.net
Mon Jun 22 16:04:22 UTC 2009

Preston Crow wrote:
> I'm also wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get information
> back from the box, such as the current channel or current power status.
> With either of those, a script could power on the box if needed.  (Then
> if the power could be turned off when it stops recording, it would be
> awesome--it would be trivial to tell if I'm recording from the box
> then.
Check libs/libmythtv/firewiredevice.cpp for 
FirewireDevice::GetPowerState() to see how to query for power state 
information.  My PACE 550 box returns "Not Implemented" this command, 
and I've even tried addressing every unit and subunit ID in hopes of 
finding one that would accept the command with no success.  Good luck!

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