[mythtv] State of Firewire

Bryan Mayland bmayland+mythtv at capnbry.net
Mon Jun 22 15:56:27 UTC 2009

Mitch Gore wrote:
> test-mpeg2 and firewire_tester works 100% but myth fails to record any 
> data.
> 2009-06-15 11:33:08.548 SM(0022CECC76B00000)::AddFlags: Seen() Match() 
> Wait(PAT,PMT,Pos,)
Looks like your firewire box might not be sending out PAT/PMT tables
needed by MythTV's recorder.  Try this test:
1) Record a stream using test-mpeg2 for 10 seconds or s
2) Use dvbsnoop to look through the file for a PAT:
dvbsnoop -s ts -if TESTFILENAME | grep "PID: 0"

Where TESTFILENAME is your file recorded with test-mpeg2.  If your cable
box is like mine, you see a ton of "PID: 8191", some of another PID,
then very few (percentage wise) of another PID.  If this is all you see,
congratulations, myth can't find your program in the stream!

If this is the case, do not despair, for I can supply you with a patch
that adds PID autodetect and fixes the problem completely.  Apply
against libs/libmythtv/

If responding, make sure you CC my main email address because I rarely
check the list.

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