[mythtv] Ticket #6242: A "grabber" query engine for thetvdb.com - based on tmdb.pl functionality

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Wed Feb 18 20:40:46 UTC 2009

    Please check the version of ttvdb.py you are using with the following command line:

> ttvdb.py -v

Please find the version of your ttvdb.py in the first line of the ttvdb.py -v output, Example:

Title: (thetvdb.com Query); Version: (v0.8.0); Author: (R.D.Vaughan)
... etc.

If you are not using v0.8.0 then please download the files "mythtv_ttvdb_v0.8.tar.gz <http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/attachment/ticket/6242/mythtv_ttvdb_v0.8.tar.gz>" and un-archive all the contained files into a directory of your choosing. When/if this enhancement is accepted all the archived files are intended to go into "/usr/local/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts". 
Version v0.8.0 does not require any installation of tvdb_api.  

Once the files have been installed then change to the directory where you installed the archive files and try again. Here is the results when I try the command line you are having issues with:
> ttvdb.py -N "Dora the Explorer" "The Mixed-Up Seasons"

If you did install tvdb_api there will be not issue between what is in the v0.8.0 archive and what was installed. You may find the tvnamer script useful (tvnamer is not part of of my ttvdb.py script or it's dependanties).

Good luck.

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