[mythtv] Questions on #6138 (HDHomeRun multirec)

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Feb 4 13:32:53 UTC 2009

* On Tue Feb 03, 2009 at 10:55:12PM -0600, Bill Cizek wrote:
> I added some tips to the ticket on using my patches.

I don't know how much Daniel has looked at the patches yet, but
could you do 2 things to the recstats patch to recuce normal
logging and reduce load on systems when logging is turned off.

Just a few minor tweaks to recstats, I haven't looked over the
other patches yet:

  This will apply in most cases to all of your patches.
- Turn the more frequently called "VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL" to
  This will only display those status messages if people specify
  "-v record,extra" on the command line.  I haven't applied the
  patch yet, but it looks like some would be printed fairly often,
  if not, ignore me on this. :)
- Wrap your _stream_handler->GetStats() calls and subsequent data
  usage in an "if ((print_verbose_messages & (VB_RECORD+VB_EXTRA)) != 0)".
  That will eliminate calls to GetStats() and hence
  hdhomerun_video_get_stats() when the user is not running with
  "-v record,extra".  I/someone really should make a macro for checking
  verbose levels like this, perhaps "if (VERBOSE_LEVEL(VB_RECORD+VB_EXTRA))"
  as a hint for anyone looking for a patch idea. :)


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